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Five Mocktails That Were Made for Sober Summer in Colorado

Written on June 22, 2022
Five Mocktails That Were Made for Sober Summer in Colorado

Let’s face it; Boulder (and the rest of Colorado) are an amazing place to get (and stay) sober. The mountains, clear skies, and abundance of outdoor pursuits make it a great place for a lifetime in recovery from addiction.

Love the ritual of sitting on the patio after a long day, enjoying the long Boulder daylight, perfect breezes, and a delicious drink, but ready to skip the booze? Whether you are in recovery from addiction, sober curious, or just plain over alcohol, The best part of mocktail happy hour is that it is lucid, mindful, and you can fully enjoy the long summer hours after with an evening hike, a yoga class, a game of frisbee golf, or a meeting/meetup with sober friends. Here are a few non-alcoholic mocktails sure to help you celebrate the wonderful Colorado evenings this time of year (or any time of day, because hey, you can even go to work after!)

The Flatiron Firesober colorado

This fiery mocktail is inspired by that burn you get after a good hike in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado. Pair with your favorite chips and guac or salsa and takeout tacos from Teocalli, Centro, or other amazing Boulder area Mexican restaurant.


1/2 mango, chopped

1 fresno pepper, chopped

1/4 cup orange juice

1-2 tsp of lime juice

Soda water

Orange slice (optional)



Muddle mango and fresno pepper in bottom of glass with muddler, mortar, or the back end of a spoon. Add ice and orange juice and fill with soda. Garnish with orange slice.


The Xeriscape

boulder Colorado mocktailLove the beautiful flowers in your Colorado garden so much that you wish you could drink them like the bees you’ve befriended now that you’re a Boulder hippie? We see you! This drink is sure to fill you with the vitality needed to save the world, just like your bee friends!


1/2 cup of dandelion root tea (steeped from 1 tea bag for 10 minutes)

2 tbsp lavender syrup (we love the housemade one from Otis)

1-2 tbsp local Colorado wildflower honey

2 tbsp lemon juice

Egg white (optional)

Lavender sprig (for garnish)



Place ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice and shake well. Garnish with a sprig of lavender.


The Alpine Lake

The azure color of this drink makes it as refreshing to the eyes as it does to the palate, reminiscent of a jump into a boulder colorado soberturquoise high-mountain lake after a long hike. This Colorado original mocktail has numerous added health benefits as well!


1 cup kombucha* or sparkling water

1/2 cup of honeydew melon, pureed

1 tbsp powdered blue-green algae

Fresh mint sprigs

*kombucha may contain trace amounts of alcohol. Do not use if kombucha is problematic for your sobriety.



Muddle mint at bottom of glass and stir in melon puree. Gently stir in kombucha or sparkling water and blue-green algae. Garnish with mint sprig (optional)


Boulder Botanic

Let your recovery bloom with this non-alcoholic drink that inspires growth in sobriety. This drink is both sweet and colorado recoverysophisticated, and is perfect for a special date. It has the added benefit of aiding in digestion prior to a meal. Pair with brie or other soft cheese or other light appetizer.



2 tbsp rosewater

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

3-5 fresh or frozen strawberries, pureed

Club soda

Fresh Basil (garnish)



Add all ingredients except club soda to a shaker with ice and shake well. Add club soda to shaker and stir lightly with spoon before pouring into glass. Garnish with fresh basil and a strawberry slice.


Sober Colorado Cooler

For enjoying all day long by your favorite Colorado pool or lake, hangover free! This one is the ultimate hydrator. sober boulder coloradoPair with a picnic at your favorite place to swim.



1 cup watermelon juice

1 cup freshly brewed peppermint tea

Club soda



Mix watermelon juice and peppermint tea over ice and top with club soda.

We hope these recipes add to the wonder of a beautiful summer in Colorado! Cheers!