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Addiction Therapy Services

Addiction Treatment Programs in Boulder, Colorado

We understand how overwhelming and challenging the journey to recovery can be. Here at Flatirons Recovery, we offer compassionate and comprehensive addiction treatment programs in Boulder, designed to meet each client’s unique needs and help them reclaim their lives. Our dedicated team supports individuals every step of the way, providing a safe and nurturing environment where they can heal and grow.

A man enjoying addiction treatment programs in Boulder, Colorado through day treatment.

Day Treatment (PHP)

Our partial hospitalization program (PHP) offers either full-day support for those living at home or around-the-clock care for those staying in our housing. During the week, clients participate in a structured and comprehensive group therapy curriculum. This includes but is not limited to, DBT and ACT skills for relapse prevention, developing mindfulness skills, and nutrition for early recovery.

Additionally, we focus on relationships, exploring family systems, attachment patterns, and trauma. We also incorporate acupuncture, amino acid balancing, and other integrative medicine services. Our program includes medication management, individual therapy, and experiential programming such as music therapy, equine therapy, hiking, fishing, paddle boarding, and rock climbing.

We ensure that each client receives personalized care and support, making their journey to recovery as effective and holistic as possible.

People participating in IOP treatment through FlatIron's addiction treatment programs in Boulder.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) offers 9-15 hours of weekly structured support for those recovering from substance use and mental health issues. This option is ideal for those who do not require or have already completed a higher level of care, such as inpatient addiction treatment.

During group therapy sessions, we discuss various topics relevant to recovery. These include coping strategies, relapse prevention, stress management, and healthy relationships. We also cover the impact of addiction on family dynamics, emotional regulation, building self-esteem, and dealing with trauma. Additionally, we incorporate activities such as yoga and music therapy to enhance the recovery process.

This comprehensive approach ensures that clients receive the support and skills needed for a successful recovery.

The Recovery Ranch (Sober Living)

The Recovery Ranch

Our Recovery Ranch offers a truly unique inpatient residential experience, striking the perfect balance between serene open space and easy access to the greater Boulder and Denver metro areas. Located just ten minutes south of Denver, this nine-bed residence sits on an 80-acre horse farm, surrounded by peaceful open space.

We have walking trails that wind through the property and a lake for fishing just down the drive. Outside, our fully landscaped yard features areas for lounging, playing games, and planting vegetables. Plus, clients can expect frequent visits from the horses, adding to the tranquil environment.

Women enjoying day treatment IOP program.


When clients complete our addiction treatment programs in Boulder, our support for their recovery journey doesn’t end. We believe in maintaining a lasting relationship to help them transition smoothly into long-term recovery. This commitment is why we offer comprehensive aftercare and alumni services designed to keep clients connected and supported as they move forward.

Our aftercare program focuses on fostering connections within the recovery community. Building a strong support network is crucial for maintaining sobriety, and we provide numerous opportunities for individuals to engage with others who understand their journey. We host regular meet-ups, support groups, and community events that allow individuals to share experiences, gain insights, and feel a sense of belonging.

A family enjoying time in Family support through addiction treatment in Boulder, Colorado.

Support Groups For Family Members

At Flatirons Recovery, we highly recommend that family members support themselves while their loved one is in treatment. To facilitate this, we offer a free support program for families of those struggling with addiction. Our program, called CRAFT, meets weekly and provides a space for learning self-care and understanding addiction.

Individuals also have the opportunity to connect with others going through similar experiences. This program is open to everyone, regardless of whether the family member is in our treatment program.

We extend our gratitude to Illuminate Peer Coaching for collaborating on this valuable service.

Family support during Flatirons Recovery's addiction treatment programs in Boulder.

Other Resources For Families

The following is a small sampling of the community supports that may be appropriate and/or available in your community.

Men participating in a men's recovery group session.

Mens Rehab Program

As part of our addiction treatment programs in Boulder, Colorado, the Men’s Rehab Program is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of men struggling with addiction. We understand that men face distinct challenges on their recovery journey, and our specialized program offers a supportive and understanding environment. Through evidence-based addiction treatment programs, counseling, and therapy, we empower men to address the underlying issues driving their addiction.

Our experienced team is dedicated to guiding and encouraging individuals throughout their recovery process. At Flatirons Recovery, our Men’s Rehab Program provides a safe space to heal, grow, and embrace a life of sobriety. Let us be a partner in this transformative journey toward lasting recovery.

People participating in addiction treatment programs in Boulder, Colorado.

Evening IOP

Discover the transformative Evening Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at Flatirons Recovery. Our Evening IOP offers a flexible and comprehensive approach to addiction treatment. You can attend therapy and counseling sessions in the evening while maintaining your daily commitments.

This program is ideal if you need more support than traditional outpatient treatment but don’t require 24/7 supervision. With evidence-based therapies and compassionate care, our Evening IOP helps you overcome addiction’s challenges and build a strong foundation for lasting recovery.

Take the first step toward a healthier, drug-free life with Flatirons Recovery’s Evening IOP.

Find Effective Addiction Treatment Programs in Boulder

We know that the path to recovery is not a straight line. There will be ups and downs, but we believe in the power of resilience and the potential for change in every person. Our programs are tailored to address the unique challenges you or your loved one face, whether it’s managing triggers, building coping strategies, or repairing relationships.

Recovery is a journey, and it’s one that we will navigate together. Our goal is to help you find hope and build a foundation for long-term sobriety. At Flatirons Recovery Center, you’ll find a community that cares about your well-being and is committed to helping you achieve lasting recovery. We’re here to walk beside you every step of the way, providing the tools and support you need to reclaim your life from addiction.

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive addiction treatment programs in Boulder, CO.