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Mindfulness-Influenced Curriculum


What Is Mindfulness? icon

Mindfulness, in its simplest form, is the capacity to be with whatever it is that is happening with you at any given moment, in a non-judgmental way.

In general, being mindful includes having greater awareness of our thoughts, bodily sensations, and emotional states; acceptance of who and what we are; and a capacity to be more fully in the present moment.

At Flatirons Recovery, we include mindfulness practices all of our therapeutic programming, whether it be through meditation, yoga, walking, or simple body scans.

We do this because we believe that by developing a greater mindful awareness of ourselves, our habitual patterns, and what causes us to experience more suffering, we have more opportunity to take right action, and begin making some of the difficult changes in our life that most people enter into treatment to make.

By developing consistent mindfulness practices into one’s life in recovery, we begin to rewire the neural pathways in our brain, and reorient our emotional and relational systems toward that of greater connection, health, and healing.

Also, it’s not just something that we at Flatirons Recovery believe, but something that has been scientifically proven to—among other things—help people cope in healthier ways with the pain, anxiety, depression, and stress that may accompany chronic conditions such as substance use disorders.