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Convenient & Holistic Night IOP Treatment For Addiction

Evening IOP In Boulder, Colorado

At Flatirons Recovery, we offer an evening intensive outpatient program (IOP) designed for individuals struggling with substance use and addiction, but who also need to maintain their daily responsibilities. Our evening IOP in Boulder, Colorado provides a flexible yet comprehensive treatment approach that blends seamlessly into evening schedules.

Whether someone is managing work, school, or family duties during the day, our evening IOP is structured to ensure that their journey toward recovery doesn’t stand in the way of life’s obligations. With Flatirons Recovery, reclaiming a substance-free life is possible without putting everyday life on hold.

A group of people enjoying evening IOP treatment in Boulder, Colorado.

What is an Evening Intensive Outpatient Program?

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) incorporates group therapy and individual therapy into one addiction treatment program. IOPs last anywhere from eight to 12 weeks, depending on individual needs and goals. Clients commit to attending either three or five days a week for three hours of group sessions and an hour of individualized treatment.

Although IOPs greatly benefit those battling addiction, they are not always accessible to everyone. Because of the time commitment, it can be hard for some people to dedicate 12 to 20 hours a week to attend addiction recovery treatment. For this reason, Flatirons Recovery offers an evening IOP in Boulder, Colorado for clients with a lot of commitments during the day.

Benefits of Evening IOP in Boulder, Colorado

The 2021 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reported that 15.6% (43.7 million) people aged 12 or older needed substance use treatment in the past year. Alarmingly, 40.7 million people aged 12 or older in 2021 with an illicit drug or alcohol use disorder in the past year did not receive treatment at a specialized treatment facility.

Evening intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) for addiction treatment offer several benefits that serve the needs and preferences of individuals seeking recovery. These programs are designed to provide comprehensive care while accommodating individuals’ daily responsibilities and schedules. Here are some benefits of evening IOPs:

Personalized Approach

Evening IOPs often focus on individualized treatment plans. Accordingly, this tailoring ensures that participants receive care that meets their unique needs, contributing to more effective outcomes.

Structured Support

These programs provide a structured environment that helps individuals establish a routine for recovery. Thus, regular attendance, therapy sessions, and group discussions provide a sense of accountability and progress.

Peer Support

Participants have the opportunity to connect with peers who are navigating similar challenges. Sharing experiences, insights, and coping strategies in a group setting empowers and fosters a sense of community.

Comprehensive Care

Evening IOPs offer a comprehensive range of therapeutic services similar to traditional daytime programs. Participants can access individual counseling, group therapy, psychoeducation, and holistic interventions that contribute to a well-rounded recovery experience.

Integration of Learning

Participants can immediately apply the skills they learn in therapy sessions to real-life situations outside the program. This integration fosters practical learning and skill development.

Transition to Independant Living

As individuals progress in their recovery, evening IOPs offer a gradual transition from intensive treatment to maintaining sobriety in their everyday lives.

Relapse Prevention & Continuation Of Daily Life

Evening IOPs equip individuals with coping strategies and relapse prevention techniques. For those who cannot take time away from their responsibilities, evening IOPs allow individuals to continue fulfilling their obligations while actively engaging in treatment.

Flexibility & Accessibility

Evening IOPs are tailored to accommodate individuals who have daytime commitments such as work, school, or family responsibilities. This flexibility allows participants to receive treatment without disrupting their daily routines.

Family Involvement

Family therapy sessions and family education, involving loved ones in the recovery process. Therefore, improving overall family dynamics.

Overall, evening IOPs provide a valuable alternative for those seeking addiction treatment while juggling other responsibilities. They enable individuals to receive the support they need to overcome addiction while still participating actively in their personal and professional lives.

Is Evening IOP Right for Me?

Our Evening Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at Flatirons Recovery is an optimal choice for individuals seeking a step-down level of care following inpatient treatment. Or those wanting to enhance their recovery process from substance misuse. This program is designed to support ongoing recovery while maintaining balance with daily life tasks. 

Evening IOP is a good choice for those with commitments throughout the day yet require the structure and support of a treatment schedule. Moreover, our evening IOP is more cost-efficient compared to inpatient or residential services, as it demands fewer hours of care weekly. Additionally, this program is available to individuals at different stages of their recovery journey. Whether they are transitioning from a residential program, just starting their treatment process, or recovering from a slip or relapse

Our intake team conducts a personalized assessment to ensure that this level of care aligns with your unique needs. Reasons evening IOP might be right for you include:

  • Completed a residential or PHP program
  • Dealing with a milder form of addiction
  • Have a solid support network
  • Cannot commit to an inpatient program due to work or family responsibilities
  • Desire the flexibility of attending therapy sessions during evening hours
People participating in addiction treatment and evening iop programs in Boulder, Colorado.

Start Evening IOP in Boulder, Colorado

At Flatirons Recovery, we offer a full range of addiction treatment programs to meet individual needs and circumstances. Evening IOPs are similar to night classes offered by colleges in that they are much more convenient for parents, people who work full-time, and others who have important things going on during the day. If you are struggling with addiction but cannot free up enough time in your day or week to attend an IOP during the day, our evening IOP might be right for you. 

Contact us today to learn more about our evening IOP in Boulder, Colorado.