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recovery coaching

When someone is looking for help in Colorado to find addiction or alcohol treatment there are many avenues they can take. Traditional treatment usually contains group therapy, individual therapy as well as drug testing, medication management and other interventions. Though common, most people have not heard about recovery coaching.

What is a Recovery Coach?

According to  Recovery Coach Academy, “A recovery coach promotes recovery and removes barriers and obstacles to recovery, serving as a personal guide and mentor for people seeking or already in recovery from addiction to alcohol and or other drugs.”

CCAR’s recovery coach academy has become the standard for recovery coaching in the United States. Starting in 2008, CCAR has trained thousands of coaches nationwide and set the standard for what a recovery coach does and how they can help. 

Recovery Coaching and Addiction Treatment

While Recovery coaching can look like treatment, recovery coaches are not sponsors, therapists, doctors, or clergy. Recovery coaches are specifically meant to help bridge the gap between these different recovery avenues and the participant.

Recovery coaches use tools like evidence-based practices, motivational interviewing, role modeling, and case management to help bridge the gap between recovery, treatment, 12 step organizations, and the larger community. 

Coaching for Recovery

Recovery coaches are motivators, allies, truth tellers, role models, problem solvers, resource brokers, advocates, and more. Recovery coaches believe that:

  • People are internally motivated and self-directed. 
  • People bring their own life experiences and knowledge to each situation.
  • A person is in recovery when they say they are. 
  • There are many pathways to recovery. 
  • Focus is on recovery potential, not pathology.
  • The person is the expert on themselves. 

Recovery coaches are, at their core, non-confrontational, non-adversarial advocates for people in recovery. They can help people remove barriers, add supports and tools, and support the person on their recovery journey. 

Flatirons Recovery offers both group and individual recovery coaching as part of our services. Flatirons believes that coaching, in conjunction with therapy and other holistic treatment,  is an integral part of the early recovery process.  If you or someone you know is thinking about hiring a Recovery Coach, call Flatirons Recovery today to talk to a professional for a free consultation.  

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