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The Importance of Community in Long Term Recovery

importance of recovery community

How important is community in long term recovery? And how does someone go about finding a community that supports them? Flatirons Recovery knows that recovery is multi-faceted and will be specific to each person who seeks it. There is ever-growing body of research which points to the fact that those that build recovery communities have much higher rates of long-term abstinence and wellness. 

According to the Surgeon General of the US, Alcohol and Drug Addiction in the United States costs more than $500 Billion per year.  At least 10% of Americans will struggle with a substance use or alcohol use disorder in their lives. All this information makes it abundantly clear that millions of Americans need treatment and recovery. The main option for support for those looking to find recovery are communities of like-minded, pro-social people who understand and support the persons decision to be in recovery. 

What is a Recovery Community? 

Historically in the US, the main forms of community have been 12-step organizations such as AA or NA. Founded in the 1930’s, these organizations provide a place for those in or seeking recovery to meet others in recovery and find support. 12-step organizations also help people to complete the 12-steps and also include opportunities to be of service to others. Other types of communities that people in recovery have utilized are SMART Recovery, Recovery Dharma, LifeRing, The Phoenix, SAFE, CrossFit, yoga, and many other communities. 

Using Community to Heal From Addiction

It has been shown that connection and intimacy with other people is pivotal to those in recovery. For this reason, Flatirons Recovery works with each person to develop a plan for finding a community. The focus of the program is healing in the community. To this end, Flatirons offers a housing program alongside community building activities.

Small group sizes help each participant to slowly become part of a larger community. The program helps participants to understand that they are not alone on the recovery journey and exposes them to various recovery communities. The goal is to help someone build the community that they will remain in long after the treatment process has completed. 

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