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6 Benefits of Holistic Heroin Addiction Recovery in Colorado

Written on October 3, 2021
6 Benefits of Holistic Heroin Addiction Recovery in Colorado

Kicking a heroin addiction can be a lifelong battle for some people. Many people seek holistic heroin addiction recovery programs when other more traditional approaches have failed to help them to heal on a deeper level.

As an addict, it’s important to know that you don’t have to do it all alone, even though it might feel that way sometimes. Family and friends of addict have to be strong and support their loved ones as they go through this troubling time. Holistic heroin addiction recovery programs can help treat not just the addiction, but the whole person.

Part of battling addiction is trying new and different tactics. Not every addict responds in the same way to treatment and sometimes it’s better to think outside the box. In this post, we’re going to discuss holistic heroin addiction recovery in Colorado and tell you the 6 benefits of going this route for your or your loved one’s treatment.

Every battle with addiction is a little bit different, so read on to learn more about holistic treatment and why it could be the best move.

1. Treating Mind, Body, and Spirit

holistic-heroin-addiction-treatmentWhen you check into a normal treatment facility, the goal is to treat you for a specific problem; namely, your addiction. You go through the same processes as everyone else who has come through that facility for that same addiction. There’s no doubt that it can be an effective solution for some people, but heroin addiction is anything but simple.

A holistic approach to heroin addiction recovery won’t just try to get you from point A to point B, its goal is to figure out why you were ever at point A to begin with. By treating your mind, body, and spirit, a holistic facility like Flatirons Recovery can get to the core of your addiction and help you uproot it.

Most heroin addicts are in pain, whether it comes from past trauma or something physical. Getting to the root of the pain with a trauma-informed and mindfulness-based approach will help to give both the patient and those treating them greater insight into the addiction. The more you can glean about the cause, the better you can treat it now and for years after the recovery center.



2. Dealing With Stress

Stress and addiction are intermingled in ways we don’t fully understand just yet. It can both lead to and result from addictive behaviors, which is why dealing with them is so important.

There’s no greater stress than at the point in time that one either decides to check into treatment or is brought into treatment by their loved ones. Dealing with that stress and coming to terms with the situation is a huge part of making the transition into treatment, which is something most facilities fail to do properly.

When you check into a holistic heroin addiction recovery program, the goal is to analyze how stress has impacted the growth of your addiction and how it’s perpetuated by your addiction. With meditation and mindfulness, you can start to tackle the problem of stress and other mental health issues in a way that’ll help you improve your overall condition.

3. Long-Term Benefits

A holistic approach to recovery offers many long-term benefits for patients, all resulting in a lower rate of relapse. The things you’ll glean from your time at a quality facility like ours will benefit you mentally, physically, and spiritually for the rest of your life. We’re talking about important things like better sleep habits, a healthier diet, establishing a sustainable exercise routine, and outlets for stress relief.

So, how is this accomplished?

At Flatirons Recovery, we offer individual, group, and family therapy to address the underlying issues with your addiction. By examining habitual thought and behavioral patterns, issues with identity and confidence, relationships, and aspirations, we can start to dispel some of the negative habits that lead you to addictive behavior. From there, it’s all about building up those positive habits that we discussed above for long-term health and wellness.

4. Dual-Diagnosis

At the heart of many addictions is a mental health disorder. The problem with diagnosing these things is that a lot holistic-addiction-treatmentof the behaviors that addicts exhibit tend to mirror those of certain mental health issues. That’s why it’s important for a patient to go through a period of sobriety before being treated for any mental health problems.

Dual-diagnosis treatment is for patients who deal with both mental health problems and substance abuse problems. At holistic treatment centers like ours, these issues are treated concurrently by therapeutic and medical teams. Our goal is to see you treated not just for your heroin addiction, but whatever has been the catalyst for your heroin addiction; this is the only true path to recovery.

5. Low-Cost Coping Skills

One of the biggest barriers to recovery is simply the cost of treatment, medication, and post-treatment therapy. Many people end up spending a fortune and ending up right back where they started, but without the funds to re-enter a treatment facility.

With holistic treatment, you’re presented with low-cost methods for coping with stress, relapse, anxiety, and depression. By practicing yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and getting the right diet and exercise regiment, you’ll always have activities you can do to combat some of the barriers to recovery.

6. Peaceful Environment

At Flatirons Recovery, you’ll be in the most peaceful location you could imagine for your addiction recovery. Having the majestic Flatirons as the backdrop to your newfound sobriety can help you better distance yourself from your heroin addiction and the hectic life that comes with it.

Inner peace is so much more easily attained in a natural environment rather than a large-scale facility that lacks personality and humanity. When going through recovery, having a sense of calm and peace can be incredibly helpful in getting through things like withdrawal, craving, and the big shifts in perspective that come with treatment.

Giving Holistic Heroin Addiction Recovery a Try

Now that you understand some of the benefits of holistic heroin addiction recovery, you can make the decision to bring yourself or a loved one to Flatirons Recovery. Our mindfulness-based addiction treatment center is located outside Boulder, Colorado in the shadow of the rocky mountains.

With the help of our highly skilled and compassionate staff, we’ll treat your addiction as a symptom and not the entire reason behind your suffering. The path to recovery is ahead and with holistic methods, we’ll help you get back on your feet for good.

To learn more about what we do, visit our website and when you’re ready, contact us to discuss how we can help you or your loved one to get on the road to recovery.