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Addiction Therapy Services

At Flatirons Recovery, clients can expect compassionate, evidence-based treatment for addiction and any co-occurring mental health disorders. Our drug addiction treatment team focuses on healing the whole individual, instead of focusing on one specific area of a person’s life that may be problematic, to provide clients with more opportunities to maintain long-term sobriety.

We do this by working collaboratively with clients to develop an action plan for relapse prevention, heal trauma, learn skills to cope with mental health challenges, eat healthier, get more consistent exercise, have fun in recovery, and stay connected to a supportive sober community more successfully.

No matter what kind of addiction you are struggling with or how long it has been going on, our rehab in Boulder, CO can help you find a way out of the darkness so you can live a more healthy, happy, and more fulfilling addiction-free life.

We believe that the aim of rehab and addiction therapy shouldn’t be just to get you clean and address what may be causing addiction or substance abuse issues in your life but to give you the tools to stay addiction-free, effectively deal with what might have led to a relapse in the past and help improve every other aspect of your life. Often, addiction is not the only source of stress and adversity in someone’s life, it may have developed because of trauma or mental health challenges that should also be addressed during any rehab treatment. While not necessarily linked with addiction or substance abuse, diet and exercise are also things we help patients improve because they’re still important parts of a happier, more fulfilling life free of addiction after rehab.

We realize that the same kind of treatment won’t work for everyone, as there are unique factors and different circumstances that lead people to develop an addiction or abuse substances, and people respond to different treatments differently. That’s why, in addition to being holistic and evidence-based, our rehab and drug addiction treatment services are flexible and individualized. You can choose to get treatment during the day or evening while living at home or staying at our facility, and we work around your career, family, and other things in life that could interfere with treatment to create a rehab program that works for you.

No matter how long you’ve been battling addiction, the kinds of substances you use, or what other factors are contributing to your suffering, the compassionate clinical staff in our rehab in Boulder, CO will guide patients through the process of healing and recovering from addiction.

Day Treatment (PHP)

This program provides either full day (when living at home) or around the clock (when staying in our housing) support for addiction and mental health recover. During the week clients participate in a structured, comprehensive group therapy curriculum that includes, but is not limited to DBT and ACT skills for relapse prevention, developing mindfulness skills, nutrition for early recovery,  relationships, exploring family systems, attachment patterns, and trauma, acupuncture, amino acid balancing, and other integrative medicine services, medication management, individual therapy, and experiential programing including music therapy, equine therayy, hiking, fishing, paddle boarding, and rock climbing.

Learn more about PHP

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Our intensive outpatient programming provides between 9-15 hours of weekly structured support for those recovering from substance use and mental health issues. This is a great option for those who either do not necessitate or have already completed a higher level of care, such as impatient addiction treatment. Our curriculum includes group therapy topics such as DBT ,  ACT , mindfulness skills, nutrition,  relationships, family systems, attachment patterns, and trauma, yoga, music therapy, and more.

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The Recovery Ranch
(Sober Living)

 A truly unique sober living experience, our Recovery Ranch offers the perfect balance of serene open space and accessibility to the greater Boulder and Denver metro area. Located just ten minutes south of Denver, this nine bed home is situated on an 80-acre horse farm, surrounded on all sides by peaceful open space. Walking trails wind past the property, and a lake for fishing is just down the drive. Outside, a fully landscaped yard has space for lounging, playing games, planting vegetables, and frequent visits from the horses.

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 When you complete our programming at Flatirons Recovery, it is important to us that we continue to support your recovery, which is why our relationship doesn’t end at discharge! Our aftercare and alumni services focus on supporting your process into long-term recovery by fostering connection with others in the recovery community, as well as providing educational and emotional support for the next chapter of your journey. Our alumni services are are available free of charge after you have completed your treatment at Flatirons Recovery.

Learn more about Aftercare

Support Groups for Family Members

Flatirons Recovery highly recommends that family members support themselves while their loved one is in treatment. We offer a support program for loved ones of those struggling with addiction free of charge to our community. This program, called CRAFT, meets weekly and gives a space to learn about how you can take care of yourself and your loved one, to better understand the nature of addiction, and to connect with others going through the same. This program is open to all; you do not need to have a family member in our treatment program to attend. Thank you to Illuminate Peer Coaching for collaborating on this wonderful service!

Learn More About Family Support
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Other Resources for Families

The following in a small sampling of the community supports that may be appropriate and/or available in your community.

Weekly Community Recovery Events

We feel proud to be an integral part of the recovery community in Boulder, Colorado, and beyond. The following are donation-based or free recovery events that occur on a weekly basis in our outpatient office right outside Boulder. These events are open to all!

Wellness Hour

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Recovery Dharma

Learn More

Yoga for Recovery

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