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Introducing the Recovery Ranch: Unique Sober Living in Boulder Colorado

Written on October 6, 2021
Introducing the Recovery Ranch: Unique Sober Living in Boulder Colorado

Sober living facilities, also called recovery residences, provide structure, support, and community for people in early recovery from addiction. Substance use disorders are more prevalent than ever; The latest statistics reveal over 20 million people age 12 and older suffer from a substance use disorder (SUD).

Addiction has many negative effects on your health and relationships. People struggling with substance use disorders lose jobs, spouses, and families. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Finding a quality, structured recovery residence can be a vital part of transitioning into long term recovery. If Our sober living in Boulder, Colorado is situated on an 80-acre horse ranch and provides an uplifting, comfortable, and serene setting to begin the healing journey away from addiction. Keep reading for information to help you treat your addiction and start your life on the road to recovery.

An Emphasis on Mindfulness

sober-living-boulder-coloradoIf you’re suffering from addiction, there’s a good chance there are other issues in your life that need treatment too. By taking a mindful approach, we can dig deeper into the root causes of your addiction. Mindfulness is a simple concept with big implications.

Mindfulness is being more aware of your body’s sensations, thoughts, and emotions while being non-judgmental, especially about your thoughts. Taking a mindful approach develops your ability to recognize your triggers and substance use habits. Then you begin to take control and make changes.

Scientific studies show that meditation, a form of mindfulness, leads to changes in your brain. These changes improve cognitive function and even reduce age-related brain degeneration. In simple terms, mindfulness can help you make desired changes in your life when it comes to substance use and abuse.

Mindfulness isn’t complicated and there are many forms including yoga, walking, meditation, and mental body scans. This is all part of a holistic approach to addiction treatment. Our addiction treatment programs are based in mindfulness, and those staying in our sober living facility are given many opportunities to engage in both clinical and non clinical mindfulness-based programming.

A Holistic Approach to Sober Living

Much of modern Western medicine centers around treating symptoms instead of getting to the root cause of the problem. A holistic approach is different because it treats the entire person, not just the addiction.

Addiction develops over time and has many underlying factors. Many people with addiction issues have past traumas that cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Abuse, abandonment, and stress all play a part in alcohol and drug addiction. Alcohol and drugs are often a way to self-medicate emotional or physical pain. Unfortunately, drug and alcohol use only masks the pain and ends up leading to more and bigger problems.

There are many treatment modalities in the holistic approach to addiction recovery that are accessible to residents of our sober living in Boulder, Colorado. These include:

  • Proper nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Gardening
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Animal therapy
  • Yoga
  • Breathwork

Not everyone engages in every type of therapy. These are a few of the ways patients learn to express their emotions, relieve stress, and nurture themselves and others.

Colorado Sober Living Homes

Going straight from a rehab program to your prior living arrangements can be a very difficult transition, one that sets many up to relapse. Many people find a sober living home to be a great option as a transitional step after rehab. There are many benefits to a sober living arrangement.

Safe Environment

A sober living home offers clients a safe place to stay in an environment free from triggers and temptations. No alcohol or drugs are in the sober living home. Residents are required to undergo regular drug and alcohol screenings. Staff stays in the house overnight to provide support and accountability.

Holistic Approach to Healthy Habits

There are other benefits to Boulder sober living homes. This includes learning healthy eating and sleeping habits.sober-living-boulder-colorado This is where you’ll also see the holistic approach at work as we work to change your approach from addiction to healthy living habits. Being situated on open space, our sober living home has walking and running trails and a fishing pond virtually out the door. The fully landscaped area surrounding the house is equipped with a vegetable garden, lawn games, and space to gather and have fun. We also include a gym and pool membership in our housing price, and encourage healthy eating through cooking classes and community dinners.

Distance from Toxic Systems

Many addicts come from homes where trauma, drama, and abuse are the norm. These are many of the same issues that drive people to use in the first place. It’s hard to stay sober if you go straight back to that lifestyle.

Enabling behavior is another problem for people with substance use disorders. Those at home may not want you to get free of your addiction because it serves some emotional purpose for them. They enable your substance abuse by making excuses, covering up problems from your addictive behaviors, and simply being in denial.

Meetings, Mindfulness, and Therapy

In a sober living home, you’ll continue to work on mindfulness practices in a supportive, caring environment. You will have the option to engage in treatment and/or outpatient services to receive the therapy you need to further progress in your sober living journey. You’ll also get help connecting to recovery programs in your community.

You’ll have help developing an action plan for dealing with stressful environments and triggers for when you’re no longer in the sober living home.

Like any illness, people with addiction issues sometimes suffer a relapse. The experienced staff helps you understand this is part of the process and offers ways of coping and getting right back to your journey. The mindfulness approach teaches you to let go of shame and deal with your situation in a healthy and constructive manner.


Daily exercise is an important part of health, fitness, and mindfulness. Exercise reduces stress and increases endorphins, the feel-good chemicals in your brain.

Having full access to a gym, pool, fitness classes, and an ice rink is a huge benefit to our Colorado sober living home.


Daily structure is a problem for many people suffering from substance use disorders. In the sober living home, you’ll learn how to structure your day and that leads to maintaining your healthy habits once you’re back home. You’ll experience fewer stressors as you learn to embrace your responsibilities.

Sober Living in Boulder, Colorado

If you’re struggling with a substance abuse problem, consider our unique sober living in Colorado. At Flatirons Recovery, an experienced team of professionals guides you through treatment. They take a holistic approach that treats your entire person and gets to the root of your addiction issues.

The skills you’ll learn keep you on your sober living journey for the rest of your life.  Call Flatirons Recovery for more information on how to start your new, healthier, happier lifestyle!