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Family Support

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Free Support for Loved Ones of Those Struggling With Addiction.

Join us every Tuesday (in person) and Thursday (virtual). Free and open to the community! Register below.

What is CRAFT?

CRAFT (Community Reinforcement Approach to Family Training) originated at the University of New Mexico and was developed by Robert Meyers, Ph.D. and colleagues. CRAFT also helps family members improve their own lives. The CRAFT approach is a system for helping family members change the way that they are interact with their loved one struggling with addiction.


The amazing thing about family members is that they know a ton about their drug or alcohol using family member. They know when the person drinks, what he or she is like when using drugs or alcohol, what the person’s moods are when they drink, and what the person is like when he or she sobers up. The family member has a ton of information, but doesn’t know what to do with it. That’s where CRAFT comes in. CRAFT provides a comprehensive strategy for how to interact with those struggling with addiction in a way that fosters love, support. and boundaries. For more on the origins and philosophy of CRAFT, check out our blog.

CRAFT teaches family members how to:

1. Identify their loved one’s triggers
2. Break unhealthy patterns.
3. Develop and improve communication skills to express their needs and requests more effectively.
4. Learn or re-learn how to take care of themselves and reconnect with their values so that, regardless of their loved one’s recovery, they can still lead a life that is centered on their values and not their loved one’s drug/alcohol use or recovery.

What to Expect from the CRAFT Curriculum

CRAFT runs as an hour long group, once a week for twelve weeks. Homework will be assigned in between groups and will be emailed out to each registered recipient. Each session stands on its own, and therefore it is not necessary to start with session 1. We do not require a commitment to the entire curriculum; any family member of an addicted individual or an individual in recovery can join for as few or as many groups as they would like.

The curriculum is as follows:

1. Welcome to CRAFT

2. The roadmap

3. Communication

4. Positive reinforcement

5. Problem solving

6. Time-out from rewards

7. Natural consequences

8. You deserve to thrive

9. Treatment invitations & options

10. Relapse and recovery

11. Relationship progress

12. Recap!


Groups are offered virtually every Thursday from 6-7 pm MST. This service is free and open to the community, offered as a collaboration between Illuminate Peer Coaching and Flatirons Recovery. Please use the form below to register.

Therapy and Coaching for Loved Ones

Loving someone struggling with addiction can feel unbearable. But you are not alone. In addition to offering family therapy sessions with our clients, we also partner with excellent providers in the community so that those closest to our clients can get the support they need. We are always available to help guide loved ones in the direction of support, wether or not their family member is in treatment with us. Please send us a message in the form below if we can be of help!

Register for CRAFT Family Support Program