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Our Drug Addiction Program

People who struggle with drug addiction are unique individuals and have vastly different experiences, personality traits, genes, sociocultural influences, educations, races, and ethnicities. While drug addiction can often seem like a hopeless and devastating disease, many people who struggle with drug addiction make completely full recoveries – no matter if they’ve been to treatment one time or 20 times.

At Flatirons Recovery, we emphasize and utilize a variety of evidence-based therapeutic approaches – including cognitive-behavioral therapies and other forms of therapy that involve physiological training in anxiety reduction and increased impulse control (which can lead to enhanced decision-making skills); psychological and behavioral strategies to practice interpersonal communication skills and develop the ability to tolerate distressing situations; and, of course, mindfulness training, which is a neuroscientifically-based modality being used to address conditions ranging from addiction to chronic pain to cancer.

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Is your loved one is using drugs problematically?

The following criteria come from the current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) released by the American Psychiatric Association in 2013:

  • Drugs are taken in larger amounts or over a longer period of time than was intended.
  • A persistent desire or unsuccessful efforts to cut down or control drug use.
  • A great deal of time is spent in activities, necessary to obtain drugs, use drugs, or recover from its effects.
  • Craving or a strong desire or urge to use drugs.
  • Recurrent drug use resulting in a failure to fulfill major role obligations at work, school or home.
  • Continued drug use despite having persistent or recurrent social or interpersonal problems caused or exacerbated by the effects of drugs.
  • Recurrent drug use in situations in which it is physically hazardous.
  • Drug use is continued despite knowledge of having persistent or recurrent physical or psychological problems that likely to have been caused or exacerbated by drugs.
  • Physical or psychological issues that are likely to have been caused or exacerbated by drug use.
  • High tolerance for drug use.
  • Withdrawal symptoms experienced without using drugs.
  • If you or a loved one’s drug use meet at least two of these criteria in the past 12 months, then you may be suffering from a substance use disorder requiring treatment.


Over the past 15 years, heroin and opiate use has become an epidemic of significant proportions in the United States, impacting communities from nearly every socioeconomic category in tragic ways. Learn more about the effects of cocaine use and addiction.



Meth has entered into the public consciousness in new ways recently though popular television shows such as Breaking Bad, however in reality meth has been impacting communities across the United State for decades. Learn more about the effects of methamphetamine use and addiction.



Treatment for Cocaine Use Disorder/ Addiction at Flatirons Recovery and more about our addiction treatment program. Learn more about the effects of cocaine use and addiction.



Such high potency marijuana, along with the various ways in which it is now available in edible form, makes the potential for problematic use of cannabis an ever growing issue for many communities of people. Learn more about the effects of marijuana use and addiction.


Prescription Medication

One of the steepest barriers to people entering treatment for prescription medications is the belief that if a medical doctor has prescribed it, that it cannot be harmful. Learn more about the effects of prescription medications use and addiction.


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If you would like to reach out to a substance abuse treatment professional at Flatirons Recovery
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Our Sober Living Center

Those struggling with cocaine addiction often spend a great deal of time usingn drugs in their home environments.

For those considering engaging in treatment while continuing to live at home, this poses significant challenges for maintaining sobriety. Our sober living facilities emphasize our belief that active connection to community is a foundational aspect of long-term recovery. As such, clients in our sober living are encouraged to take on mentoring roles with new peers, as well as to begin involvement in community-based recovery programs such as 12-step and SMART Recovery.

Click learn more below, and get a virtual tour of our Sober Living center.



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