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Aftercare Support for Substance Abuse Treatment and Alumni Programming

When you complete our programming at Flatirons Recovery, it is important to us that we continue to support your recovery, which is why our relationship doesn’t end at discharge!

Our aftercare program for substance abuse treatment and alumni services focus on supporting your process into long-term recovery by fostering connection with others in the recovery community, as well as providing educational and emotional support for the next chapter of your journey. Our alumni services are are available free of charge after you have completed your treatment at Flatirons Recovery and include:

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Bi-Weekly Meetups:

Open-ended groups are designed to connect alumni with peers and seek guidance in navigating recovery after completing our programming. Topics of discussion may include self-care, navigating relationships and family dynamics, nutrition, financial planning, career planning, parenting, connecting to community resources, creating a stable and welcoming home, and other areas of interest that alumni bring to the table. Group led by a Flatirons Recovery clinician, and includes pizza!

Quarterly Social and Educational Events:

Our alumni services offer social events that help build community and give our alumni to have a bit of fun with one another. Fun events that may be offered include hikes, rock climbing, kickball games, frisbee golf, picnics, bowling, and movie nights. Flatirons Recovery additionally offers educational and mindfulness programming to help integrate our treatment program into long-term recovery.

Case Management:

Our staff are available for case management as needed to help connect you with medical care, housing, community programming, and more. We will follow up with you at regular intervals throughout your first year of recovery to see how you are doing and what your needs are.

Speak With A Professional

If you would like to reach out to a substance abuse treatment professional at Flatirons Recovery
call us at 303-219-8571

Message Us

To begin your healing journey from addiction simply fill out the form below, or call us at 303-578-4536.

A member of our Admissions Team will reply to you as soon as possible to start the process, and to answer any questions that you may have about our treatment program.

All information submitted to us is completely confidential. See our HIPPA Confidentiality Policy.