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The Recovery Ranch Program

mens rehab Boulder Colorado

Holistic, Individualized Care In A Beautiful Setting

Our Recovery Ranch offers an immersive rehab program experience in both holistic healing and in putting your new, healthy life in recovery into practice. With 24-hour support from our compassionate staff, clients reside in one of two of our beautiful, 9-bed homes surrounded by 80 acres of horse-roaming pasture just outside of Boulder, Colorado. Life on the Recovery Ranch a emulates healthy life in long-term recovery. After six hours a day of clinical rehab programming (group therapy, individual therapy, psychiatry, mindfulness/meditation, nutritional counseling, and more), clients participate in daily fitness activities, community-based recovery meetings (SMART Recovery, Recovery Dharma, 12-Step), and family-style dinners as a part of our treatment program. On weekends, there is a focus on sober fun, and time is spent on outings such as hikes, rock climbing, paddleboarding, frisbee golf, museum-going, bowling, sporting events, and gatherings with other sober living facilities, and more.

A Real World Approach To Recovery

Life doesn’t happen in one place, and neither does our treatment.

While traditional inpatient treatment occurs entirely at one facility, our treatment program is structured to emulate a healthy, thriving life in long-term recovery. This means we take the program on the road, and are out and about every day. Clients spend time in both of our two locations: our healing office space, which houses clinical/therapeutic work, and our cozy modern ranch house where they focus on self-care, nourishment, and community-building. 

Time in between is spent in nature and in the community. Clients from our Recovery Ranch treatment program have the opportunity to fall in love with their favorite Boulder hiking trail that they will be able to revisit for years to come, make lifelong friends in a 12-Step or Recovery Dharma meeting that may remain a steady part of their routine for years, develop sustainable meal preparation routines, and participate in sober fun activities that will continue to be available after they graduate. 

Why do we love this model? This type of treatment, also called structured partial-hospitalization, has several benefits:

  • Clients get to work with maintaining sobriety in the “real world,” where they may encounter triggers while still fully supported by our staff.
  • Through our treatment program, clients develop lasting habits for maintaining sobriety, such as creating healthy meals, building a local recovery community, developing an outdoor fitness routine, and having sober fun in the Boulder/Denver area
  • We are able to provide highly individualized care in a small setting while giving clients the opportunity to make outside connections with peers in different phases of their recovery journeys.
  • The hard stuff that may get addressed in therapy–such as family dynamics, trauma, or feelings of regret–can be left at the office. Clients get to practice setting boundaries around this emotional work, giving themselves permission to relax, have fun, and take care of themselves in a completely different environment in the evening and on weekends, one that genuinely feels like a home.
  • Clients have the chance to apply our nutrition programming to creating healthy meals (with support from our staff and their peers) so that lasting habits can be formed. 
  • When it’s time to decrease care in our treatment program, clients are able to stay with the same peer group as they move back home and continue in our Day Treatment or Intensive Outpatient (IOP) programs.

Custom-Tailored Treatment For Deeper Healing

Our treatment approach addresses the whole person to heal not just the addiction, but its roots. Our addiction treatment program clinical curriculum includes: 

  • Mindfulness as a foundation for recovery
  • DBT, ACT, and other skills for distress tolerance and relapse prevention
  • Experiential therapies, such as music therapy, yoga, and nature-based therapy.
  • Nutrition for early recovery
  • Integrative psychiatry and medication management
  • Trauma therapy (EMDR)
  • Community-based recovery
  • Acupuncture
  • Internal Family Systems work
  • Support for family members
  • Daily fitness
  • Individual, couples, and family therapy
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At Flatirons Recovery, clients can expect compassionate, evidence-based treatment for addiction and any co-occurring mental health disorders. Our men’s residential treatment program team focuses on healing the whole individual, instead of focusing on one specific area of a person’s life that may be problematic, in order to provide clients with more opportunities to maintain long-term sobriety. 

We do this by working collaboratively with clients to develop an action plan for relapse prevention, heal trauma, learn skills to more successfully cope with mental health challenges, eat healthier, get more consistent exercise, have fun in recovery, and stay connected to a supportive sober community.


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All information submitted to us is completely confidential. See our HIPPA Confidentiality Policy.